A Near Death Experience, No. 58.

Bumped Out.

I am a man who remembers this like it happened ten minutes ago. This experience took place when I was two.

It was a late summer night and my dad and uncle were going to the store. What they didn't realize is that I wanted to go too, because they were way ahead of me, and were in the car already. I wanted to go so (I still remember my little feet slapping against the pavement as I ran towards the carport) when they backed out, I was behind the car, and I went under it! (I missed the tires fortunately).

The next thing I remember, I was in the car sitting between my dad and uncle (I was young, so I didn't think anything was out of the norm, so I was relaxed). In the headlights of the car I noticed a little boy curled up peacefully on the driveway. Then I heard my dad and uncle panic, and open the car doors. (I still remember my uncle fumbling to find the door handle!) The next part is dim in my memory, but I think I did float out of the car.

The next thing I remember, I was in a hospital bed with about five doctors and nurses attending to me in a frantic. I left my body again, and rose towards the ceiling looking down. I remember that I felt dreamy and serene, but I could still see and hear what was transpiring below me. I saw a nurse grab my dad as he passed out from stress. She assisted him to the floor. You must realize that I was too young to realize what was happening, so I thought this was all normal!

The next part that is significant, but doesn't make much sense: a nurse (angel? ghost?) had me in her arms and was climbing a step ladder in the hallway of the hospital. She then placed me in a crib that was hanging from the ceiling by a chain? When I was in the crib, I saw my mom and uncle walking down the hallway towards me (below me) with worried looks on their faces. I was happy to see them, but I guess they didn't see me because they walked right by me. (I might of even called out for them). I remember a few days later, I asked them why they ignored me, and I told them I was in the crib hanging from the ceiling, but they were like huh? I was just a kid so they shrugged it off.

This happened again some time later (OBE). I was in bed, and I was uncontrollably floating down the hall like something was sucking me. I passed my dad who was frying something up on the stove. I was crying "DADDY, DADDY," but he just kept doing his thing which was very frustrating! So, I got sucked into the basement, then stuck against a wall like velcro! Then I was back in my body again, and I remember hearing my heart beating very loudly in my ear. Nobody believes me! I tell people about this and they just shrug it off. They think I am crazy or something. Was it all a dream?



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