A Near Death Experience, No. 56.

Gunshot Victim.

Thirteen years ago, I was a gunshot victim with multiple wounds to the upper chest and abdomen area. I was resuscitated in the emergency room, and I remember everything.

I remember hearing my parents screaming and crying, with me trying to tell them I was going to be alright. It didn't dawn on me that they could not see or hear me, until I went back to that room and saw that I was looking down on me.

Wow, then I felt myself floating down a long hall to the operating room and I watched for a while only to see a beautiful light. So bright, with a blue aura. I went into the light and I was met by spirits from my family who had went before. My grandmother told me I had to go back, but I begged her to stay. She stated that it was not my time yet. But I went passed her only to see this figure who touched me on my shoulder and said "no, your time is not now, you must go back." I clung to this figures' robe and said that I feel so much peace here, a great sense of calmness, this place is so beautiful, but gently I was ushered towards another light, that was yellow and white.

Then I saw a hand reach up to grab hold of mine and the figure told me to "take the hand, you will be alright, for it is not your time." So I reached for the hand, only to feel like I was in a vacuum and with a thump I was back in my body.

When I returned, I heard them call a code on me and again my family rushed to my bedside. I was still clinging to the hand that brought me back and that hand belong to my baby brother, who latter told me he sat there holding my hand for 5 days and prayed that I would come back.



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