A Near Death Experience, No. 271.

Murdered While Sleeping.

Well here is my story, it is a little graphic, but it is what happened.

Well, I was sleeping in my bed with my girlfriend. It was in the late night, early morning hours, when a couple of guys broke into our home. I did not wake up during the break in. The next thing I know I was gasping for breath, and when I opened my eyes the world was a blur. They had wrapped a plastic bag around my head and was smothering me. I eventually lost the ability to struggle, but to ensure I was dead they took a knife and cut me in areas below the waist that are too graphic to put on a website. As I lay there bleeding I listened as they destroyed my home and beat my girlfriend.

I wanted to leave my body so I could do something to stop them from hurting her. So I focused and pushed and pushed against my body. After a little while I found my self vibrating, painfully vibrating, like I was sitting on a jet engine. The vibration eventually pushed me out of my body. I found myself directing my movements with my mind. I moved down my hallway, when I got to the end of my hallway I found them in my living room with my girlfriend. At that moment, I started tearing at their hoods they were wearing, and eventually they felt my presence and got scared and ran away.

After that my girlfriend went back to the room and sat traumatized by my body. On my way back to the room I move into this light. The light reminded me of like looking up from the bottom of a pool into the sunlight. Voices came from the light discussing me, my future, my past, and what life I would go to next. I was pretty much a spectator in the ordeal, just enjoying the absolute peace at this point of not being in my body and being in the light, no sadness, no worries, just bliss. When at some point my girlfriend started screaming and crying. The voices then started asking me if I wanted to stay because they saw how much I wanted to be with my girlfriend. Then one voice said I was a diamond in the rough, and then they started putting me back in my body, they said they were healing my wounds, but were going to leave scars so that I would always know the experience was real.

When I awoke in my body, I pulled myself up onto the bed, and my girlfriend just freaked and laid next to me hugging me. We were both so confused about the night that neither of us knew what to say, or who to say it to, because the blood was everywhere, and yet no injured body or anything obvious to explain what had happened.

We spoke little about what happened to us. I think the trauma and trying to explain the unexplainable was too much for either of us to handle. So we just went on with our lives. Sounds hard to believe and sometimes if it were not for the long scars I would not believe it either.

That is what happened and ever since my life has changed in so many ways, I am still realizing it, and that has been over 10 years ago. I just know that I am very different than anyone else and can't seem to grasp what I am to do next. I struggle from day to day with this hyper-sensitivity. I take medications to calm them, but if I go without the medications I start feeling that vibration again. The only problem is, I don't leave my body, I just tingle all over and don't sleep. So that is my story, a little different than other postings I have read, but the truth, as crazy as it sounds.

I hope this helps someone and I also hope that if someone reads this and feels they would like to comment I would love to hear it.


(If you have serious, helpful comments on the above NDE, I will consider posting them for the author.)


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