A Near Death Experience, No. 247.

My True Home.


My name is Andy Harley. I'm 28-years-old and from Frederick, MD.

As a small dedication to your nice site, I would like to share with you a poem that I've written entitled, "My True Home".



Drawn into tangible darkness,
Rushing high speed through a tunnel.
I'm somewhere between two worlds
Spiraling like water through a funnel.

I see a pinpoint of light in the distance,
Growing larger the closer I get.
But for some strange reason I'm not afraid?
And see it not as being a threat.

Entering into a realm so soothing
Of radiant, golden-white light,
Peace and warmth pours over my spirit,
It's so beautifully -- beautifully bright.

Moving with the flow of fine silk,
My translucent body glows;
Like thousands of tiny diamonds
They sparkle and superimpose.

A floodgate of knowledge has been opened,
With infinite waves of love;
There's a pageantry of dramatic colors here
That just could never be dreamed of?

I see miraculous mountains of deep blue velvet
And spectacular valleys galore;
A waterfall dazzles with clarity and life,
This Elysian area I'd love to explore!

Drifting next into a garden,
With swaying grass so crisp, cool, and green;
The luminescent flowers pulsate,
Their shades so completely serene;

I hear music playing of harmonic beauty
That rolls like a glassy river.
Enchanting, mystical tones,
That would make any man alive shiver.

Then suddenly, I see someone in the distance,
Coming towards me to reunite.
This whistling person's emanating glow,
Is such a comforting and glorious sight?

When I can finally distinguish who it is,
I realize it's my Grandpap Jack.
He tells me that it's not yet my time,
And that I must now . . . go back.

I could stay an eternity at this divine place
From just these few things that I've been shown;
But I know one great day for sure I'll be back,
Because I believe this is my true home.


I was given the wonderful opportunity of having my book of 62 poems, "Till The Dreaming's Done: Poems Crafted For Thinking People" (ISBN 1-4137-8232-9) published this year, and this is actually one of the poems that can be found in my book.

I was wondering if you would ever maybe consider posting my poem somewhere ... anywhere ... on aleroy.com? It would be an absolute honor for me to share just this one thing of mine with a whole plethora of good people strewn throughout this great big world of ours. If you would possibly consider doing this for me, I would be forever grateful.

All the best,

Andy Harley


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