A Near Death Experience, No. 248.

I can not wear Watches.


I am new to forum so let me begin by briefly describing me NDE:

July 1980, Tucson AZ, I contracted Cholera by accidentally drinking contaminated water someone brought from Mexico and left in a thermos. That is how it began. I became severely ill and the rest is history.

My NDE began with my leaving my body. Before I left, I was amazed that I could see so pristine clear without my glasses (I am very nearsighted -- almost classed for tax exempt status as legally blind). I viewed the room and swoosh and floated above my body. Hovering there, I understood clearly I had died. I remember clearly my last breath and the terrible wheezing rattle I was making while laboriously breathing: then stop.

It was then I left my body. I felt no more pain from the effects of cholera. While gazing at the room, I turned and faced the ceiling. Suddenly, I went through the drywall and entered an extremely peaceful blackness. In this pleasant darkness I heard the most astounding humming/singing sounds. I was floating in this pitch blackness listening to the resonances. It was here I noticed I was moving toward a speck of light that was slowly growing bigger and bigger as I neared.

Soon this dazzling brilliant light dispelled the pleasant darkness as I arrived at its origin. The light emitted from a person standing on a rock who wore robe like garments. From this point on, an amazing adventure occurred that is simply to voluminous to post here.

After the adventure, this individual asks me to return the way I arrived. I came back through the ceiling and floated back into my body. As soon as I landed in it -- I could not breathe! It was extremely difficult to regain breath but I did. It has been 25 years after the experience. At the time (1980), I never heard of NDE. A year latter (1981), I discovered what an NDE was.

Since that time several odd things occur too me and if any of the same things happen to anyone else -- please let me know.

First, I cannot wear watches -- not even a pocket watch. If I do, like clock work -- they stop working: Even the old time spring type. My wife bought me a Swiss Pocket Watch -- battery kind. Thirty days later -- it went to repair shop. Repaired -- a few days later -- the new battery dies. Replaced this and the new battery dies two weeks later! Anyone experience this? I have had 25 years of this battle with watches!

Next, this will sound even odder -- the lamp light bulb near where I sit, read, and watch TV burns out all the time. I have changed the lamp. Anyone else with NDE encounter this phenomenon?

Older cars gave me woe because starter solenoids and starter motors regularly burned out in the older cars I used to drive after my NDE. New cars do not give me any trouble, except for an occasional computer malfunction. Anyone have a similar experience after a NDE? Or is this my imagination? I have 25 years of these strange happenings to be mere coincidences.

This all sounds strange but I was wondering if other NDE person's have similar after NDE happenings: a problem wearing watches, light bulbs burning out faster than the life of the bulb, and other things.

B. W. M.

(Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Sure would like to know more about "the amazing adventure" if you want to share it. The trouble you are having with watches, and light bulbs is fairly common to near death experiencers, but usually fades with time. It is the energy surge caused by the experience. Since you have had this problem a long time you would make a good spiritual healer. If you have had some notice of this, please tell us about it, and I will post it on this board.)


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