A Near Death Experience, No. 246.

The Wonderful Light.

My experience came as a wonderful Light in a wheat field, at which time I knew there was more to me than I had remembered. I was relieved to know that such a wonderful being existed, part me, part divine, part of every thing. There was some fear, but the awe and peace with the Light overwhelmed it.

When I went away from the Light I was filled with enlightenment and wanted to share it with the whole world, but became full of fear again when I was called crazy, or mentally ill, or on dope.

It is such a personal thing, that we want to share so much, the freedom of it, the love of it, the splendor of it. I sometimes do feel mentally ill in this world because humans have made it so.

I do not believe in my heart that such a thing is real. We made it up to remember who we really are, no fear, no pain, no hate. We are Light beings creating this monster life of fame and glory, ego and success, positive and negative, so when we transform into our true selves, in the spirit, we will remember how beautiful we really are to each other.

This is from the soul of a man, take it as you will.



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