A Near Death Experience, No. 243.

OBE in Viet Nam.

This is a true story. When I was in Viet Nam 36 Years ago. Me and four other guy's were setting up outside of a Landing Zone.

We were on light patrol and it was just getting dark when we heard voices in the tree line. It was a Battalion of NVA, which stands for, (North Vietnamese Army).

Here we are, just the five of us with no place to go because we were in the middle of our guys and the NVA. To make a long story short, I got hit with a mortor round and it threw me about 20 feet.

After I got my head together, I crawled back to the other guys and laid on my stomach and continued fighting. All of a sudden my body just lifted up about 30 feet above the ground and I could see everything, it was like daylight. It was so peaceful, and I had no fear in me, just felt a lot of love and so relaxed. I really thought I died. What a beautiful feeling. I couldn't hear anything but could see everything. All I felt was love. I really don't know how long I was suspended in the air, but I remember a helicoptor picking me up the next morning.

I was afraid to tell anyone about this because I didn't understand what happened to me, so I kept it in me for a long time until I started reading books on Out Of Body Experiences.

Ever since this happened to me, and now I know, I always tell people that there is a better life after death. And that I felt God was with me that night. As he is with me always.



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