A Near Death Experience, No. 242.

OBE Unaware.

I have an OBE story that happened to a close friend of mine at his childhood. He is 61 now and it happened to him when he was about 10 or 11 in Iran's capitol Tehran, where he was raised. Let me tell you that he doesn't believe in spirituality or higher power as of today. Here is the story as he puts it:


I was riding on my bike and a truck hit me and I fell down and under the truck.

Then I was standing on the sidewalk watching someone under this truck. I said to myself: "who is this poor guy hit by the truck." I was perfectly conscious and aware of my surroundings. I could clearly see the brick wall across the street on that shiny, sunny day.

Then I saw the truck driver stepping out of the truck worrying about what happened to the victim.

He bent over to talk to him and asked if he was OK. Then I opened my eyes and saw myself under the truck and the driver asking me if I was OK.

I got out with his help and I was perfectly OK. I had no injuries whatsoever. My bike was damaged.

I didn't pay attention to this incidence until a few years ago when I saw a TV program talking about a similar story. Then I realized and said to myself: "Wait a minute. It happened to me too."

Up to this moment I can remember what happened at that day about 50 years ago as if it was yesterday.



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