A Near Death Experience, No. 244.

Domestic Violence CD.

Dear NDE Friends,

I'm writing this letter to you because of all the people on the planet, I feel the closest to you because of the NDE I had in 1998.

One of the reasons I came back was to do what I'm doing. As so many of you know, choosing to come back to this life after being away from it and knowing such perfect self love and non judgement is a really, really difficult thing.

It forces you to deal with your old issues and those old issues seem to rear their ugly heads more often than not. I wanted to get this music out that deals with domestic violence because that is what I know and there is such a HUGE need for it.

When I died, I saw a woman who was still here who was in terrible pain. I was given a choice if I wanted to come back and help her. I looked into her eyes and I knew that I knew exactly what she was going through. I felt love and compassion for her and chose to come back for her.

But now that I've been back for 7 years, I think I came back more for me to undo the damage that a lifetime of abuse did to me. I hope someday this music falls into her hands and onto her ears and she feels the love from the "other side" for her, but more importantly I hope she feels the love that she has for herself. So, that is what all of this is about.


I wanted to let you know that the first single of my EP album is done and is called "I'm Steppin' Up". We added an awesome saxophone and some slamming background vocals and it is really a swinging song all about "steppin' up and taking back your life". If you've ever suffered from abuse in your life, you'll know how that can just destroy your soul and make you forget how powerful and how worthwhile you are. This song and the full EP is about "Steppin' Up" and "taking back your life". It isn't easy, but it is so worth it.

The full EP will be done in mid November in time for Christmas!

This project has been heart wrenching and heart healing all at once for me. I want to thank you all for years of friendship and comraderie. You all inspired and empowered me.

My new website will be up and running this weekend with a snippet of the song. The site is...www.steppinupmusic.com

Thanks again for years of walking through the jungle of old memories and helping me walk into the clearing again. Thanks again for years of friendship, a sense of community, and for empowering me to use my own talents to get the message of empowerment out there.


Lori Crandall


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