A Near Death Experience, No. 152.

New Year's Eve NDE.

New Year's Eve Day, 1987, I was in a rear end collision which resulted in my NDE.

But first let me say that I was pulled up and out of the body before the moment of impact! While out of the body, I was just floating around the scene, enjoying a new perspective which can not be seen from our earthly view. My life at the time was pretty confining so I was really enjoying the new found freedom!

Soon, I felt myself being pulled into what I later came to realize was the tunnel. Still, I was just happy go lucky enjoying the experience. I somehow pushed against the sides and knew that it was an area that had "sides". Soon, I began to see a bright light at the upward opening of this tunnel. As I noticed this, I also saw some "sparks" of that light floating down to meet me.

Then I came into an open area with no bounds that was super bright. Still being the curious artist that I am, I started looking around and up. Above me I saw the most beautiful opening. You could compare it to overlapping clouds with an open area near the edge. But the "clouds" were the most brilliant white/blue. I now am amazed that I could look at it as my eyes are very sensitive to the light. At the opening the "clouds" were lined with the most beautiful color you can imagine. If I put a color to it, I would say that the trim around the opening was a silver/gold but darker, not as brilliant nor as transcendent/airy as the opening.

In the opening was my visual concept of the kindest, most God like, figure that I can muster. (A jovial monk.) He gazed at me for a moment and instantly we were together "standing" at a nonvisible begining of the combined energy of All. I knew that He, and the energy knew, that I was there and I felt the most complete Love possible. It was Love plus! I knew in an instant that all that I ever was and ever would be was known, not only known, but Loved and accepted. (I say Loved and accepted only that doesn't do it justice!)

This became a part of me instantly, and once it did my conceptualization of "God" directed me downward and to the left. There was a HUGE "Jesus" stepping out of some clouds. He faced me and there became a creation panel in front of Him. He was using what I now identify as laser beams, and within the creation panel were mathematical forms. I knew that this meant that he was creating the events of the world and my life.

Then I went down more through a forest and came out near a cave. I think that the "ladies" who took me through the forest were my Grandmother and Aunt. Next to the cave was my deceased Son. He directed my attention into the cave and I could see a wizard deep in the cave. I entered and I feel that this cave was semi-circular down. It came out on a landing, a dirt type landing next to a river or body of water. The wizard became an oarsman who pulled a boat up to the bank and bid me enter.

As we neared the landing across the river, I was told that I must go back! Believe me, they knew what they were doing getting me in the middle of stream to tell me that I had to go back!!

By the time that we got to the shore, pulled the canoe up and I was half-way up the embankment, I turned around and said, "It is going to be OK." Then I finished my climb, made a right hand turn and awoke strapped down in the X-Ray room of the hospital.

I had not returned to my body enough to feel that I was strapped down. I could only see a green haze as my glasses were off. I only knew that I was alone and couldn't move and couldn't see anything! I bet that they heard my screams on the 3rd floor of the hospital.

Suellyn Davis


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