A Near Death Experience, No. 151.

Experiencer Speaks Out.


I have had a lot of experiences and none of you seem bonkers to me.

I know there are psychics out there that act like they have a direct line to the here-after, and priests and scholars and politicians, but they can all suck on my big toe for just the least of what I have experienced.

And let me say this, it is one thing to be an angel and another thing to be an angel incarnate.

We hold the ball in center court and they know it. It takes no less than a great deal of bravery to pop in here.

Many, many things are possible. There are worlds beyond this world and there is life before and beyond this life. Much goes on behind the scenes, even amongst each other. We are not here by chance.

These are perilous times, there are far worse things yet to come. I am uncertain what to do or whether I should do anything at all. No doubt there are great challenges and opportunities ahead for each of us.

When you have lost yourself, and your beliefs, and your fears; when you rise in the morning with a heart full of joy, and lay down at night with a heart broken for all of humanity; then shall the cause of things make themselves known to you.


(This letter is a good example of what many Near Death Experiencers feel. Tired of being laughed at, frustrated with the way people treat each other, but still absolutely certain of their experience. Perhaps better times will come through their strength.)


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