A Near Death Experience, No. 153.

Seen Sparkling Diamonds.

I don't know if what I had was an NDE or not, but I remember it as if it were branded into my memory.

When I was eight years old I went to summer camp, back at the end of WW II. While there I jumped into the lake because I wanted to learn how to swim. I was peacefully sinking to the bottom and pushing away the pole they kept poking at me, the millions of bright, sparkling diamonds all around me were all I wanted to see and stay with, and the bright light ahead kept me entranced, and then I was on the dock surrounded by a bunch of people, lying flat on my back. I was so scared that I just jumped up and ran back to my cabin.

I have never told anyone about it because it sounds so stupid. I only know that I have never had any fear of death and in a way look forward to it when the time comes. I know that this cannot be all that there is. In a way I guess that this life is sort of like a boot camp for what's ahead.



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