A Near Death Experience, No. 147.

(The experience below was a reply posted on a public message board to an inquiry about the drug Ketamine. Ketamine is a controlled drug, it is habit-forming and has been known to cause death. Unfortunately, some brain researchers are claiming that Ketamine induces Near Death Experiences. This is not true, of course, perhaps some fragments similar to NDEs, but certainly not the real experience. One need only to read the real NDEs and compare them with the Ketamine experience to see the difference. Experimenting with drugs is not wise. It is possible to reach spiritual levels of consciousness through safer, surer methods like meditation and learning to love. See the comments on drugs after the Ketamine experience.)

Ketamine NDEs?

For the past 2 months, I have been experimenting somewhat with a drug that induces NDE, or a re-creation of one. Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic that is used in veterinary medicine and also for children.

If you induce between (amount deleted) within a half hour's time, you will achieve what is called the "K Hole." K hole is the most incredible experience that I have had in my life. There are basically no words that can describe the experience.

Your body is completely separated from your mind. You have no ordinary functions. Hearing is impared, sight is gone with eyes open, everything begins to bend and warp. You begin to travel, very fast either through dark or light tunnels, warping into another dimension that is very confusing.

A new reality that takes precedent to our normal reality of life as we know it. Time is lost. The whole effect of the "K" experience is usually between 30 and 45 minutes. In one of my experiences, I was completely able to communicate with someone. I knew that I was talking, but whole thoughts were very difficult to keep intact without confusion. I remember asking how long I was "in" and I was told 5 minutes. It felt like I had been there for years.

The only thing that I could make sense of, sort of, was that it was the definition of what IS is. That might not make sense, but I was reduced to the most basic aspects of being. Breathing was my focus point. Once it wears off, you can see yourself coming closer and closer to the "line" of our true reality.

I wanted to try this because I have had a strong fear of death for as long as I can remember. I believe that if I reach the K hole a few more times, that I will have a better understanding that there is definately much more to life than our bodies and our minds. There is a much bigger connection to something much larger than life as we know it.

I would strongly suggest that you research the drug and possibly experience NDE for yourself. I hope this is of some help.


Comments on Drugs

Drugs have been used for centuries in attempts to access the spiritual world. There is a larger discussion of "what Ketamine does" in the FAQ section of this site.

Ketamine is called a dissociative anesthetic. "Dissociation" is a theory of consciousness taught in psychology books, and the definition of anesthetic is: an agent that causes loss of sensation with or without the loss of consciousness.

Now with definitions out of the way we can compare the Ketamine experience with the Near Death Experience. The Ketamine experience (KE) is induced by the drug Ketamine and the Near Death Experience (NDE) is caused by the clinical death of the experiencer.

The Ketamine experience seems to show similarities to the Near Death Experience, but in a shallow, distorted way. Lights, tunnels, figures, God, and good feelings, but also confusion and lack of clarity. Ketamine users want/need to do the drug over and over again in a typical drug addiction fashion.

The Near Death Experience is an intense communication between the experiencer and the spiritual world. There is "talk" of death, as to whether the experiencer should enter the spiritual world, or return to the physical. In some, interactive "Life Reviews" are shown, and the experiencer feels pain or joy at the events shown depending on whether harm or good was done by them during their past physical life. (This is not just a flood of memories.) Many NDEers are shown future events which come true, and upon returning to physical life the experiencer may be able to read others thoughts, see into the future, do healing, etc. NDEers are usually grateful for their experience, what they learned/remembered, but would not want to repeat it. This is far different from the Ketamine drug experiences.

There are no shortcuts to spiritual peace and/or knowledge of self. Each of us is responsible for our own spiritual growth and accountable for our actions. Walking the path of love, truth and respect for others will take us there in good time. Don't follow the road to drug addition believing in artificial means to achieve real progress.


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