A Near Death Experience, No. 148.

An Answer.

Hi. I have read hundreds of experiences and have been amazed by them all.

In the meantime I have been searching to see if anyone has had an experience that was anything like mine. I found a few that were close, but yet not the same. I'm hoping that someone out there may be able to shed some light for me concerning my experience. I have been searching for an answer for almost 30 years and so far I can only guess.

Anyway, my experience was a spiritual one. It wasn't an NDE, but yet it had a lot of the same qualities. It happened when I was about 14 years old.

I was in good health, living a clean life and went to church on a regular basis, being very concerned about my spiritual shape. I didn't do drugs, or hang out on the streets, or anything like that.

One night I woke up, and this is the hard part to explain, and I was no longer on my bed, but laying on the floor where my bed should have been. I looked around and knew that I was awake; being able to see my desk, my TV set (which was not on), my closet with the clothes hanging in it, etc. I looked up and saw what appeared to be satan worshippers or demons, (I don't know which), and all I could see of them were their heads. They were encircled around me and chanting something. They had a look of pure evil and I was under the impression that they were trying to do something bad to me.

I just layed there stunned, trying to grasp what I was seeing. Suddenly, at the right side of my room and above my closet, came a beam of pure white light. It came down like a spot light. The demons, or whatever they were, all of a sudden had this look of complete and utter fear and they just vanished.

I looked up to where the light came from and I saw Jesus hanging in the air with His arms outstretched torwards me. He didn't say anything, but just hung there suspended above my closet. He was pure pure white. He was wearing a robe that hung all the way down to His feet. The sleeves of the robe hung loosely from His wrists. His hair was parted straight down the middle. He had a halo of light all around Him. He shone so bright that He absolutely glowed pure white, whiter than anything I had ever seen before or have ever seen since. He made snow seem grey.

As He was floating there, a feeling of utter euphoria hit me. It was the greatest feeling that I have ever felt in my life. It was mixed with love, serenity, peace, everything beautiful. He didn't say anything to me, just stayed there.

The next thing I remember was waking up and getting ready for school. I had forgotten about it untill I was putting on my shoes. As I was putting them on that feeling hit me again, making me suddenly remember what had happened.

My best friends father came to pick me up for school that morning (he was a minister) and after I told him about the experience, his reply was that I watched too much Star Trek.

About 20 years later, while attending a church, the minister of that church asked the congregation if anyone had personally seen Jesus. Of course I raised my hand. I was the only one in the whole congregation that did. They looked at me like I was nuts. After the service I took the minister to the side and told him of the experience. During the whole time I was relaying it, he looked at me like I belonged in a therapy ward somewhere. I have often wondered why he asked that question if he wasn't going to believe the answer.

Anyway, it wasn't until I was in my 30s that I started reading about NDEs. I was shocked to read that people felt and seen the same things I did, only under different circumstances. I knew then that it all had to be true. The way they described seeing Jesus and the feeling of nirvana was exactly the way I experienced it. I guess what I am trying to accomplish from telling all this is to get some feedback from someone who may feel that they know why and what happened to me.

I haven't told too many people about it. I have written to four different NDE sites about it and haven't gotten any replies. (They must think I'm nuts too, haha).

I'm looking forward to hearing from someone, anyone.

Thank you.
Love is what it's all about.

(Answer: a young boy of 14 "very concerned" about his spiritual life, probably due to negative teachings offered in some churches -- satan, demons, hell, eternal damnation, eternal torture -- gets a message from God. The message shows the real path -- love, peace, serenity, beauty -- puts the focus on the light of God's love as taught by Jesus. A beautiful experience, a turning point in the life of the experiencer. As for the Ministers, just wish them the best. Notice this experience ends with the author saying: "Love is what it's all about.")


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