A Near Death Experience, No. 146.

OBE Witness.

I had an out of body experience (OBE) in which I left my body and traveled some 1000 miles from the Omaha Nebraska area to the south tip of Texas. There I found myself floating above the hospital bed of my Grandfather. A nurse was feeding him and he started choking. She started checking his mouth to see if something was in his throat when my Uncle (who was present in the hospital room) jumped out of his chair and said, "No he is going." At that point I saw my Grandfather die. After he died, I saw two spirits move in and carry away the spirit of my Grandfather.

Later that very same day, we got a call from my Mom who had just received a call from her brother that Grandpa had passed away that morning while eating breakfast. He told her that he was being fed by a nurse when he started choking. I had already told my wife what I saw and as my Mom told her what had happened my wife got goosebumps all over her. My wife asked me numerous questions over the next several days about exactly what I saw and to describe the picture to the minutest detail. Then she talked to my Uncle after the funeral. He confirmed my experience word for word (except obviously he did not see the spirits).



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