A Near Death Experience, No. 145.

My Dad.

My Dad was recently killed tragically at age 59 in a car accident on August 20, 2001. I have not ever experienced such sorrow and sadness. However, something beautiful has happened and so many events to prepare my family and I.

The night prior to his death, my mother who was visiting in town while I stayed behind, brought along many old pictures of my Dad. Dad and I recently had a small angry exchange of words but as I looked at those pictures I cried at the beauty of him. Oh, I thought to myself how much I loved him. I also thought to myself that if he ever died I would make the most beautiful of collages for him showing everyone what a full wonderful life he had.

I called my Dad the next day and told him how much I loved him and how stupid it was that we got angry with each other. How was I to know the next night he would be dead. I flew down to be with my family at their home the next day to make funeral arrangements (mom flew out earlier) and in hand the stack of pictures which I had put together on my bookshelf in a pile.

I can only imagine that it would have been painful to look through all those pictures if it was not already been prepared for me. Also, I bought months early on sale a black dress for my Mom to have at Christmas. When I got it home it turned out it was my size and since it was a final sale could not return it and joked with my daughter that I would wear that dress to a funeral someday and placed it in my closet where it hung until last week. Everything was made so much easier for me.

Please understand that my life is hectic and Dad worried so about me because both my children are special needs. He didn't want to add any more to my stress and God some how managed to make things easier for me during this difficult time.

There is plenty more things that happened that I could tell you but the most significant is the fact that my mother had a near death experience a few days ago. She has bad health and says that she was totally awake when the following happened to her. She saw herself travelling down a large bright tunnel at the bottom there were stairs. The Lord was there with my Dad cradled in his arms. The Lord told my mother -- "I have Stanley with me now and I am taking him into my kingdom. Do you want to come with us Betty." My mother at first responded YES and felt as though she was travelling quickly down a bright coloured tunnel.

She was seeing the faces of all her dead relatives flash by when she screamed out "NO LORD. I cannot go yet as my children and grandchildren need me." Just as she uttered those words she was sent quickly flying back up the tunnel. She has not cried since that day as she now knows that my Dad is with the Lord. He has given her such strength and I thank him for giving my Mother such a blessed sight. Just had to share!



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