A Near Death Experience, No. 144.

I Was Quite Ill.

1988, I was quite ill, I lay down because I felt so weak. Then it happened!

Everything around me was getting dark and there was a very loud rushing of wind sound, similar to a plane preparing its engines to take the runway for flight. As it grew darker I noticed a jagged like opening that was so bright and I felt as though I was being drawn towards it at first very slowly, but the closer I got towards the opening I travelled faster, I remember seeing myself below, but the image quickly disappeared, the sound of speed was deafening the closer I got towards this tunnel like opening and I was curled up in a fetus like formation, I passed through and everything came to an immediate halt. It was silent!

As I raised my head, a wonderful and peaceful feeling overwhelmed me, I knew immediately that this was no dream, it was real. There were gentle rolling hills, flowers in every colour, the sky a perfect blue, There was no one in sight but I could hear birds singing softly.

As I turned my head I seen a small cascade of natural white stone steps leading and curving naturally to the top of a small mountain, at the top of this mountain was a large round boulder and from the other side shone this incredible bright light.

I was drawn to it instantly, I began to climb the stone steps, slowly I was in a long white flowing garment and mist began to roll in around my feet, a warm summer like breeze swept past me, the strange thing was I felt it pass through me and not around me, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences. I remember thinking to myself how is this possible and why is this breeze making me feel so wonderful, then came an answer, a voice, "The breeze is cleansing your body and your spirit." It was like someone was answering my thoughts through telepathy. All I had to do was have an enquiring thought and along came the answer, it was very comforting.

The intense feeling of peace is something I don't think I will ever be able to put into words, or even expect those who have never had this experience to understand, but one thing is for sure, I think about it everyday of my life.

I stopped halfway up the mountain and looked back at the beauty that surrounded me. I smiled and kept on climbing, I had never felt this good, this happy, or this much at peace ever and at this stage I was eager to reach the top, when I arrived at the large boulder I put out my hand and touched it and at that same time I did, things started to go dark and I could hear crying and people screaming, I actually heard my family. I turned and looked back and I could see them over my body, I was saddened by the vision but I wanted to stay where I was.

A loud male voice seemed to surround me and said, "Janene you must return, there are people who need you", of course I was quick to reply that they would be just fine without me and I insisted I stay, "Janene it isn't your time and you must return" came the voice again. The rushing of wind sound started to grow louder again and the beauty was engulfed by blackness. I held on to part of the boulder as I felt my body being vacuumed away from it. Then I opened my eyes, the first thing I said was to my mother, "mum oh my God am I alive".

Now people who read this may think I'm insane, delusional etc., and of course I know where their coming from because I would of thought the same thing too. Before this happened to me I was an atheist, science was my religion, I believed when you die that's it, nothing, there was no God, no afterlife, heaven was just a poor excuse for the human race to come to terms and cope with the inability to accept death.

I was so wrong, there is life after death, and the journey is like a birth of spiritualism of one's soul and heart.



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