A Near Death Experience, No. 126.

Floating in Mid-Air.

The first thing I remember was floating in mid-air. There were no ups or downs, lefts or rights. It was just space. Thin air. So I felt like, if I fall, will I die? When I looked down all I could see was the infinite blackness under my feet. When I looked above, I saw the same thing. It was like a pitch black sky with no stars or planets or anything.

All I knew, I was somewhere very far away. So far away from Earth it was like a tiny speck of dust in a desert. I was beyond the universe somewhere where no human ever had been before and never will be. My thought patterns began to move slow. In real life, thoughts are rapid and quick, and come to you in an instant, but it wasn't like that. It was like someone put a TV on in super-slow motion.

If I was in the state I'm in now, I would have been roaming around and staring and trying to do things. But my thoughts became slow and unfocused like I was on heavy medication, like sedatives. But the thing that scared me the most was I lost all my memory right when I suddenly appeared in that blackness. I didn't know my parents, I didn't even know basic math, I didn't know how to read, I didn't even know my own name. I was like some kind of undeveloped 5 week old that didn't know a thing about life. I just lost my memory at that very moment after I realized I was there.

It was the beginning of a new life. All of a sudden, I was "pushed" forward. I started to move so very fast, like in a blink of an eye. Faster than a car moves at its top speed, only it seemed slow to me. The tunnel went on and on and on and lasted forever. It seemed like a few hours before I reached anywhere. I lost all feeling by then except love, happiness, peace, and any other positive feeling. Fear left me completely. I was no longer scared of anything because I forgot what the feeling was like, or did I even remember what it was called? After that sadness left me, anger, pity, jealousy, and finally hatred. I was so different that if the person I hated the most was standing right in front of me I probably would have given her a big hug and told her that I loved her.

After a while, suddenly I stopped. I saw a blue light at the very end of the tunnel. I wasn't at the end though. The cycle was interrupted all of a sudden. But you see, that wasn't supposed to happen. I was supposed to reach the end and reunite with God.

I lost myself, but all of a sudden the memories and my ego have came back, but it happened so fast I didn't have any time to react. I heard a voice that went through every fibre of my body. It echoed throughout the whole universe. It had no feminine or masculine quality, it was just God. And I didn't need any proof, you just KNEW.

He said, "IT ISN'T YOUR TIME YET." There was no emphasis, no strange accent, it was just God's perfect voice. There was no way to describe it.

All of a sudden, I saw this bright, flashing white light. It filled up all the space. It wasn't blinding, because my "eyes" (I was a soul, so technically I was probably light too, but I couldn't see myself so...) weren't human eyes. I just saw. No other explanation. The white light was so bright that its impossible to describe. There were rims of perfect blue around him/her/it?? I like to refer to God as HIM, because that's how he describes himself in the bible... but of course, the human language really doesn't have much use when you're dead, because everything is so different. I can't remember anything after that. Everything went blank. I hope I'll remember what happened as time goes by.

All of a sudden, all I remember is staring at a woman. She looked young, maybe 18 or 19. She was my guardian angel, no questions about it. I was a human being again. At least somewhat. I wasn't acting as weird as I was before. I forgot the feelings I felt before. (In real life, I faintly remember them, but they're too incredible to describe.)

Before, I was innocent and perfect, but now I just felt like myself. Anyway, the girl was wearing a bright silky white gown. It covered her down past her feet. She also had two large feathery wings. She seemed like she knew so much more than I did, her eye's were exactly like Mary's. They were narrow and kind of sunken, but she looked really pretty. We were in a flower garden somewhere. She was probably picking flowers. When I woke up, I assumed I was in heaven, but I don't really know for sure. She outstretched her hand, but didn't say a word. I took her hand as she embraced me in a warm hug. Suddenly, I turned to look at a window that was taller than we were, and a balcony. I remember, when I took her hand, we traveled somewhere. Out into the far reaches of space and the stars. I can't even remember really. I think I was in my room.

Suddenly, I woke up. Or was revived as you could say it. I believe my angel was sent by God to take me back to my body and come back to life. I breathed in a harsh breath of air. It felt weird. I looked at the clock which was 7:59 AM then suddenly turned 8:00 when I blinked.

My dad screamed "J, you're late! LATE! GET UP FOR SCHOOL!!" Strangely, I felt so calm. I got out of bed, stretched, and smiled. Usually I would be so mad and paranoid if I was late, but I was so relaxed. The whole day I was relaxed and happy for absolutely no reason. I was confused about it myself.

That's all of my NDE really. I can't remember the rest. It'll come to me in time I'm sure. I know God did say more to me. I just wish I could remember.



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