A Near Death Experience, No. 127.

Learn What Love Is.

I had a near death experience not too long ago, I think. However, it is hard to tell time when it stopped or ended.

The strange thing is the group of people that seem to control the earth's border of spirit and physical. I promised them (I called them the puppet masters) that I would not tell anyone I saw them if they would let me live again.

I am afraid. My physical body keeps trying to panic all the time. Adjusting back into the timing of life is hard. But the whole black tunnel experience is fading away as more time passes by.

Thank God, because it is hard to live knowing what I know I saw. I do remember one thing that they told me. They said go back and learn what love is.

That was the last thing I remember. Pretty strange. Nobody believes me. Oh well, I have some other strange things that are happening but I cannot talk about them.. Let's just say the border beings are real and always watching.

I just thought I would let you know that I believe you. I can't explain it but I believe everything you wrote.



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