A Near Death Experience, No. 125.

I Died with Her.

Hello, I was just looking over some of the pages that are introduced to this website and would like to share my experience of what happened to me in 1988.

I was 5 months pregnant and was getting up to help my ex-husband (still married at that time to him), and I told him it was time as I felt pressure in my abdomen. He said it was too early, and I said I don't feel good. He then called a friend who had me taken to the hospital. They examined me and said I was ten centimeters which means the child was going to be born. When she arrived I had hemorrhaged, in fact, I had to have 5 pints of blood in one day and we only have 8 pints in the whole body.

Well, on the very minute that she died, I died with her. She then proceeded to go on, while I went into the most perfect feeling I've ever had. It was an out pouring of love and warmth and knowledge more than can be described in this brief life. How in the heck do you describe it to someone who hasn't had the experience.



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