A Near Death Experience, No. 103.


When I was born I had a sickness I am not aware of, all I know are the symptoms that I had that my mom told me which was yellow skin, poor nutrition and a bad liver. She told me babies born with that illness usually die before or at birth, I eventually survived thanks to modern medicine.

So basically I'm suppose to be dead, I've had many heavenly experiences, but I will only say two.

In my early teenage years I was very depressed and had a death wish. I prayed to God every day to take my life or at least acknowledge that he exists. One of my most depressing days I stopped praying to him, the next couple of days I had the flu at up to 101 degrees (I had a thermometer) fever.

I tried to keep it from my parents by isolating myself to my room so I could get worse and at least die, it got up to 106 and became so painful that I finally wanted my parents, but it was to late, I soon fell into a seisure like experience but wasn't (I already know what it feels like so I knew it was like one) in my room isolated and felt the ground trembling and it felt like someone put a loud amp to my head at full blast.

The ground started liquifying and there appeared on my ceiling a Ying Yang (that I don't understand), I soon felt this strange feeling of guilt and started saying "It's all my fault" repeatedly and strangely felt like I wasn't ready for something or something, and then I started saying "Forgive Me" repeatedly and then it all slowly ended, my head wasn't pounding anymore, the pain went away.

The next couple of days I started having dreams of standing in the middle of darkness with a couple of other people (the same all the time) 'til one day I dreamt of flying through beautiful gold tinted clouds and came upon a city with a fresh smell of crashing tidel waves, I had an instant feeling it was heaven, the city which I was only able to see from a distance (estimate 1 mile) had Helenistic like buildings (Greek) with Pillars, but there seemed to be no people there at all, it had high walls, it was a metropolis set on a mountain with steep rocky cliffs surrounded by a body of water, but I could see into the distance that there was land on the horizon, everything seemed to have a gold or white tint to it, then I was swiftly drawn out and as I opened my eyes more and more the vision seemed to fade along with my awakening.

After that dream I started praying again and never stopped ever again, but wish I could be there again, 4 years passed and I had many dreams like this one, these very real experiences changed me forever and more.



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