A Near Death Experience, No. 102.

Hepatitis B.

I read your message board and found it interesting. My experience is a little different, and after 11 months of not telling someone I have felt different about my life. Here is my story.

I was sick for months and didn't know why until I went to the doctor's. Found out I have Hepatitis B. I was so sick I had lost over 50 lbs. My friend was at my house one morning, told her to take me to the hospital. Once there, doctors had told me and my friend that I wouldn't make it thru the surgery.

All I remenber is a light, people talking, seeing an angel, I know I did. The wings was flapping and telling me to go back that I wasn't ready to go. I have been wondering what all this is suppose to mean. I have told no one for they would think I'm crazy.



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