A Near Death Experience, No. 101.


I call this NDE experience GRANTED for a very special reason.

My NDE, and to tell you the very honest truth about it, I am not really sure if this is what you would call this. I will make this very short and to the point.

I figure that I was a young teenager, around 15 to 16 years of age. I was sleeping one night and I felt this tremendous pull out of my body. My room was naturally dark, so I did not look down and view my body or go through a tunnel of darkness and see a great white light at the end of this tunnel.

Instead, I seen something much, much better. I seen Jesus Himself. I felt a pull up in the corner of my room and seen Jesus! He had long brown hair, he had on a white robe with a deep red scarlet sash covering His shoulders and hanging to His waist. His arms were stretched out to me. I felt a tremendous pull directly to Him. I resisted and he kept pulling me. As I was approaching Him I felt so much love and acceptance. I felt like crying with relief for this overwhelming sense of comfort and unconditional love that I was then experiencing from Him. He then said to me, not through his words but in the form of mental communication, "Come, you have had so much pain." I wanted to naturally go to Him but knew at the time my mother was still alive and was going through a very difficult period and needed me to be with her. I did not want her to come into my room and find that I had passed on during the night. I then said to Jesus mentally, "I want to come with you but my mother will be in so much pain and will take this very hard. If it is your will I will gladly come with you, but please let me go back to be with her." I remember kneeling and for a few moments Jesus did not answer. I sensed that Jesus was ready to take me then and He knew that it was my choice to stay. Then with a one word command and in a voice so sweet, full of compassion and loving, but with a command of authority like no other He said the word, "GRANTED" and I was once again in my body.

I live today knowing that He will be there on the other side waiting to personally take me home with HIM when it is trully my time to pass. My mother just recently passed away, so I await His coming for me! I do not mean to sound as if I am hanging around waiting to die. I am still grieving over her loss and I have my good and bad moments. However, I know in my heart that this is not the end. His very words, "Behold, in My Father's house there are many mansions. I will go and prepare a place for you."

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please pray for me and my brothers and sisters for strength and guidance over this difficult period of our lives.

May God Richly Bless You.


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