A Near Death Experience, No. 4.

NDES "& A Change of Life."

Hi, About 5 years ago I came into a "death" experience, where I awoke to a doctor yelling at me in ICU that I hadn't been breathing.

Upon reading my medical records from this experience -- I had not been pronounced "dead" but the ER team had great difficulty in resuscitating me. Needless to say, my life, my beliefs, I, have not been the same since.

I am very much drawn to the subject of "why we are here" -- to a degree I can hardly convey. (And I might add, thank God for Plato!)

I did not have the typical experience of seeing the bright light (etc.) -- I think this is because I chose death on my own -- something I now instinctively know is not allowed -- PERIOD. If posting this is of any help to anyone else -- then I am glad I have done it -- even though I'm reluctant to leave my name.

Just remember -- if you believe (know) that this "world" is not "it" - you are not alone...

With Love, A Kindred Spirit.


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