A Near Death Experience, No. 3.

The Ice.

About a year ago, I had a strange experience similar to an NDE. I was in the shower when I suddenly blacked out. I had not been drinking, nor have I ever been subject to blackouts in my life.

During this blackout, I found myself standing on a vast sheet of ice. While the ice was cold, the atmosphere was comfortable. A few steps away, I saw a hole in the ice. I looked in, and it was totally black. While I stood there wondering, a sensation like a voice came over me and caused me to understand that, if I should step into the hole, I should leave this life and enter the next. It made no assurances of what I would find upon entry other than the possibility that, once that choice was made, I might never see my wife and daughter again. Upon being confronted with this, I indicated that I didn't want to be separated from them, where upon I woke up in the shower.

My wife had seen me fall, and it understandably frightened her. I was "out" for less than a minute, and I told her the story. She thought I was dreaming, but I felt it was too real to be merely a dream.

What do you think? This experience has fascinated me, and left me wondering, ever since it happened. S.


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