A Near Death Experience, No. 5.

My husband's NDE.

About 20 yrs ago when our children were still very small, Luke and I were sorting out the things we had bought them for Xmas. All of a sudden Luke collapsed in a state of deep shock. He was still conscious, but looked to me as if he was dying. I was so rattled I could not remember our doctors name, but he was able to tell me.

Soon I had him in emergency at the local hospital. They kept him there three days and could not find anything wrong although his blood pressure was very low when we arrived.

His experience was to see all those he knew who had already died standing around him including his mother and dad, a younger brother who had died when Luke was only 4yrs old, some people he had worked with and others.

He said they looked very alive, while the nurses and others who were really still alive he could see sort of in the background and they looked half dead by comparision to the really dead.

He recovered and felt he could have decided to die if he had wanted to. I'm so glad he didn't as I would have had to raise our six children alone. Now he is 71 and trying to cure his prostate cancer. Wish us luck and pray for us. Thank you. L.


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