Thinking of Now 35.


At the present time or moment.

Living in the "now" or present is the only place you can live. Why fill your mind with past regrets, lost opportunities, or guilt? The past is finished. Why fill your mind with things you need to accomplish in the future? Just endless worry about whether you will succeed, or whether you will get, or whether you will live. The future is yet to be. Keep your mind in the now, doing the very best you can. Learning as much as you can. Understanding as much as you can. The choices you make now will be your future, so focus and make those choices the best ones for you without harming anyone else in the process. Choose for yourself, and others, the best path, and do it in the now.

"Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present."

Roger Babson, American statistician,
business forecaster and author, 1875-1967



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