Thinking of Guides 36.


Someone that provides a person with guiding information.

We have guides all around us, teachers, parents, friends, and neighbors. Anyone that has information we need is a guide. I want to underline the word guide. These people are only counselors, and helpers, we must make our own choices based on what we think is the best for us. Guides are not authorities that rule our lives. We also have spiritual guides that walk with us unseen at all times. Some are aware of their guides, others are not. Spiritual guides "talk" to us through our feelings, and intuition, helping us to make the right decisions, decisions for love. We know when we have done something wrong, our guides remind us so we can correct ourselves in future events. Listen for your guide, pay attention to your feelings and intuitions.

"He made his conscience not his guide, but his accomplice."

Benjamin Disraeli
British statesman and novelist
who was twice prime minister, 1804-1881



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