A Near Death Experience, No. 82.

Appendix had Burst.

I had a NDE when I was four years old in 1969.

I had been very ill for a few days, when I was taken to the doctor. My mother was told that my appendix had burst. The doctor told my parents that I would not live, but they had to operate since I was still alive.

I was taken to the operating room (years later my mother told me I was unconcious) and had to be packed in ice for a hour due to my high fever. I believe that I passed away in the process of the fever reduction.

As far back as I can recall I have had a memory of looking down at an operating table, and seeing a figure wrapped in white. I did not know until years later that I had to be iced down.

I truely think and believe that I had a NDE, and as a result I am no longer afraid of death, and I know I will go home to be with my lord the final time I pass away. The lord will always take care of those who love and believe in him.



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