A Near Death Experience, No. 62.

My Death Experience.

My NDE happened Feb. 10, 1997, I was blown up in an explosion, my eardrums were blown out and my arm was missing, my left eye was full of darkness. I remember getting medical attention in the field. Nothing after that

My experience started out with a slide show of various scenes, these flashed along at such a high speed, in a conscience state they would make no sense. In my state, I not only saw the scenes but experienced the complete "feelings and emotions" that EVERYONE felt. Example: I was walking with a group of people looking for food, I felt the hunger and desperation of the whole tribe, I was walking in a hot, dusty place, hanging on to life, driven to find water and food.

Another example was during a trench war, the scenery looked like WWI. I felt the horror, the death of those around me, the fear of everyone and even the enemies horror in what they were doing. Another scene I wore a blue uniform, with white pants and white crossed shirt, I remember feeling if I stopped I would die, the road was full of snow, a long line of soldiers were marching with me. Horses lay frozen on the side of the road with their riders frozen to them. I felt utter defeat, and despair. I saw many of these strange scenes, some I still don't get.

The next stage was the dark shape void; figures that were totally dark flew around me. They adsorbed all light and were pestering me. I could not see any details other than a void. These scared me.

I then found myself in a corridor, or tunnel, the first thing I thought was, wow, this is kinda neat what is this. I remember feeling the fog that was in the corridor, it was a fog I put my hands in and it felt like nothing. I noticed I was floating along. My body was floating at an angle my head was first. The fog was strange it moved in a circular pattern, basically circles, the fog lined this whole corridor. I noticed on the sides flashing lights like I was in the clouds and it was lightning. The electrical discharges were colored. I saw them flashing in the fog; when I traveled along the corridor I saw that the colored flashes came just before a person entered the corridor. I couldn't make out details, they always moved forward faster than me towards the opening, which was a yellowish light like the sun.

I floated along slowly, I would float in the background. At one point I would see other people greeting the other floaters in the corridor, they hugged and held hands and some walked hand in hand towards the light. I did not recognize anyone. I asked a lot of questions, but it was strange, I thought of the question in my mind, but they were answered before I thought of them? I started to panic, I realized this was death, I started to get scared, "what was happening to me," at that moment a boy came through the tunnel fog. He was probably 12, (I have no idea who it was) he smiled and waved to me. All my fear then disappeared.

I floated in this place for I don't know how long. I asked "God" what my purpose in life was and what am I supposed to do. I told the entity, I didn't want to leave, I was scared. I was told my purpose would be revealed to me, so far it has not been revealed. I also was told I would receive some type of gift, or special ability, I do not know what this would be too. This whole episode was full of such clarity and emotion its beyond description.

The next thing I remember, is various hospital staff voices, and someone telling me my brother was here. I was in the critical burn ward, on life support at a Hospital. I could communicate only by typing Morse Code in my father's hand, (we are both Ham radio hobbyist). I remember thinking I must be in bad shape; they were crying, a priest was there. So they would not cry, I typed in morse code, as a joke, "Does anyone want to order a Pizza," they realized then I was ok.

That was 2 years ago, I will never forget that day. My life has been very hard since that time. My financial status was erased and I spent my first winter, without running water, or heat. Since then I have become bitter with God, I had a life, it's gone now, I lost my career, my home, my savings, everything.

I was very athletic and was a martial arts instructor, and was into body building, I lost a lot. But, I will never forget this experience, I do not know what is in store for me, if God blessed me, or if he is using me to be an example for others to look at, and feel blessed they are not me.

So far I do not feel gifted, or have not felt anything special. For those of you reading this that might think: "this is another religious person shoving a belief down my throat," well, I am not. I am probably more cynical and bitter towards religion now then ever in my life.

However, this experience was something that I cannot describe fully in words. This experience I might not ever understand, but maybe by posting on this board, someone who went through the same experience might know others did too. Until then, I feel utterly hopeless, and wonder every day if it would have been better to have traveled into the light, and never have returned back.



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