A Near Death Experience, No. 63.

I have had 2 NDEs.

2-1989--Internal bleeding

My first was long before any of the -- new age madness -- started. There is no new age, it is all millions of years old.

I was the youngest hysterectomy ever done in the South in 1965. I was given 90 days to live. So when they did my surgery, they put me in a drug coma to prevent shock. I was floating over my 67 pound sick body that they were trying to save, when they said, "she is gone".

Next, I went into a wonderful tunnel where I saw all my relatives that had gone before. My Granny was there, just smiling. I got to the unconditional love LIGHT, and all the questions I had ever had were answered by the LIGHT. I had a life review, showing me as the PERSON I had done harm to, or good for. I WAS THEM, and felt what they felt, when I did whatever I had done to them.

I was begging the LIGHT to let me go into it, and a voice said "you made promises before this life that you must keep. It is not your time yet." I was slammed back into my body in reverse, as I cursed out my doctors for bringing me back. They said it was the anaesthesia talking.

My second -- I had a failed stomach biopsy and was bleeding internally. I was put into ICU while they pumped my stomach and put in blood. I was married at this time. I floated out to the waiting room and saw my husband crying, and then I had the same experiences as before, but this time the LIGHT told me my husband needed me, and my work was not yet done. I agreed to it this time, as He and I were very close.



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