A Near Death Experience, No. 48.

Severe Stress.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. (No. 40 by L.).

It took me awhile to finish reading it, because of the tears that flooded my eyes almost immediately after starting to read it. I am not known to be an emotional person, and I certanly did not want to show tears around my tough and "hard core buddies". I could not believe what I was reading. I also had a experience so simular that it almost scared me.

About 8 years ago, I was going through some pretty severe stress in my life while in the military. Family problems, legal, financial, loss of love ones, you name it. One night I had gone to sleep knowing that the next day would be the most difficult day of my life.

I was about to wake up, when I heard and saw an explosion of super white light, immediately followed by what seemed to be a million voice choir singing in perfect harmony. I was suddenly standing on some sort of platform; to my right was an angel standing under a archway, with a welcoming and peaceful look. I looked into the sky, I saw a perfectly defined rainbow, there was a light just behind the beautiful clouds, I could not see the the total light, but the rays were coming through and entering my body.

The feeling was so good that I fell to my knees and pounded hard on the ground with my hands. At this point all I ever wanted to do was to stay there and continue to praise; the thoughts of money, sex, material things seemed so insignificant; all I ever wanted was there.

I felt that I had a choice to make, I wanted to stay there but I was facing somthing that next day that had to be completed. You see I was facing a verdict in court for somthing that I never did, put on me by my ex-wife, angry over a divorce. Well, the verdict was not guilty, in fact I was consoled by the judge himself, all of the members of the jury seemed to want to embrace me as they smiled at me walking away from the court room.

Again thank you so much.



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