A Near Death Experience, No. 47.

Cesarian Section.

My children were all born by Cesarian section.

The NDE I had was with the birth of my oldest daughter. I was on the operating table; I had just received spinal anesthesia. They rolled me to my back and suddenly I remember being above the table and looking down at my body surrounded by the doctors and nurses. I can remember the doctor saying: "We've lost her pressure; we need to get this baby out". I then remember being back on the table with the anesthesiologist saying: "You gave us a little scare".

I remember a feeling of total peace; the action going on was "interesting" but not frightening or worrisome. I remember floating and the scene below getting smaller and smaller until I was suddenly back in my body.

This experience has helped me to be less fearful of death; and to know that there is truly an "afterlife". This has true significance to me as I lost my son 9 years ago in an accident. I know he is at peace and happy.

Thanks for reading.



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