A Near Death Experience, No. 44.

Allergic Reaction.

I was a little girl (3-4 years old) when I had this unusual experience. I was sick with high fever for almost a week, there was no medication in the 1960's to stop the inflamation. I had a shot of penicilyn -- it gave me probably an allergic reaction.

I remember being on the beautiful beach -- everything was gold, a little hazy, I was looking at the sun and the ocean and the shore...I was slowly walking into the water, deeper and deeper -- water was warm ... I will never forget the energy, beauty and feeling of love, support, comfort...I knew that I have to return, that there are my love ones I need to see...

I knew that one day I will return to the shore. I remember my own words: "At last I'm here in this incredibly beautiful place, so peaceful and so beautiful". In the meantime, doctors worked to get me back to life...

For many years I remembered it as a dream (what else it was?) except it was so real and full of feelings...

Being a sceptic and not very spiritually developed person, I was pushing those pictures from my mind and using all possible rationalizations... I'm changing now and deny it at the same time. I'm more and more aware of spiritual part of life. Finding this webpage is a result of it.

My memory about beach is closer to me -- suddenly it became the most important message from the childhood.

Regards, J.


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