A Near Death Experience, No. 43.


Hi. Thank you for this opportunity to talk about something which has left me quite disturbed.

I had my NDE just a few nights ago. How do you convince anyone that this is not "just a dream"? I KNOW that I went somewhere. I don't recall a tunnel to get there, I was just suddenly there -- in a sort of a room. I could see my deceased grandparents over at the other side of the room, but they were talking amongst themselves as though they did not think I should be there. There was a huge book on the ground and when I opened it there were pictures of many people who I know have already died. I accidentally slammed the book shut and was suddenly terrified that I had ruined everything by doing this.

When I reopened the book all the people looked "dead" (pale and still, eyes shut) which increased my guilt and terror. Suddenly my grandmother said "Look again". When I looked back at the book and started turning the pages all the people had come back to "life" -- they were moving, talking and smiling at me.

A woman in the book said "this will change the way you think about life and death". My grandmother said "see, it's not possible for you to ruin anything permanently". I was happy momentarily, but then I heard knocking on a door. The door had a bright light shining behind it and I could see shadows under it as though people were moving around behind it. I knew these people had come for me, but suddenly I remembered my husband, and I desperately wanted to go back to "earth".

I got very upset because I didn't know if I should answer the door and go with the other people, and I didn't know how to get back to my husband. Suddenly I was in a tunnel with a feeling of hurtling very fast like on a roller coaster. All along the way it was as though I was being given all sorts of understanding, wisdom and peace about life and events and other people, but the thoughts were coming so fast that I knew I'd find it hard to grasp them.

It then felt like I "landed" back in my body. My husband was standing next to me asking me what was wrong. I just lay there stunned, totally unable to move or speak and desperately trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to recall the "wisdom" I'd been given. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and I still don't know whether to classify this journey as good or scary.

It turned out that my blood sugar had dropped to almost zero (I am a diabetic) and it was amazing that I had ever regained consciousness. I'm sure some people will think this was just hallucinations due to abnormal brain chemistry or something or that it was just a dream but I KNOW that it wasn't -- I know it more than I've ever known anything. I've had weird dreams and very low blood sugar many times before and they are NOTHING like this experience. I know that I really went somewhere else.

I still feel shell-shocked by all this. Even though I do feel certain now about life after death and I do feel that something important has happened to me, I'm totally confused about what else I am meant to do or change as a result of this. I wish I could go back "there" and ask a few more questions!! or at least properly remember the wisdom I was given in the tunnel. I hope this feeling of detachment from life on earth will subside.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to share this.



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