A Near Death Experience, No. 36.

What was that?

I've shared my NDE so many times, with little response, but I'll try again.

I was suffering from kidney stones and the doctor prescribed 250mg of a mixture of morphine and demoral. Doctors will tell you that that much of either one could kill a person and that you never mix them.

Anyhow, suddenly I saw a bright light and it was beaming an infinite amount of Love towards me like slow gentle bolts of lightening. I knew instantly that this was/is God.

Although I did not want to look away I could see the figure of a man to the right of "The Power". So I looked over towards him. He looked like the pictures you see of Jesus, with the beard and the beige robe with brown "scarf" hanging down. His hands were at his side with the palms facing me. I then looked back at the Light.

I said to the Light: "All this Love for me?", without words of course. You only need to think there, and you know they know. In fact, I seemed to know everything. I felt as large as a galaxy. Knowing everything. I did not need to turn away from the Light but could see the whole world going on behind me, past, present and future. I always wondered what it was like for our ancesters coming across on the ships and I could see clearly a vision of a ship sailing on rough seas, mixed in with my life scenes and the future which was a bit foggy.

I remained focused on the Light until suddenly it was gone and I felt and heard a terrible wind like I was standing naked in the middle of a sand storm. Then I felt a crushing weight on me, like I was caught in a vise. My eyes opened and I realized that what I was feeling was my own skin, again. I looked down to see what was crushing my body and it was merely the thin blanket they use in the hospital. I knew that I was out of my body, I did not like this body anymore. I pulled the blanket back and sat up on the side of the bed. I looked around the ward and no one seemed to notice me, like nothing had happened. I said "What was THAT, take me back there" (God).

And that pretty well sums it up. I never saw the doctor again. My sister who worked there just rolled her eyes when I asked about him and said he's no longer working there. He was very handsome (they say angels are), I wanted to thank him for giving me the greatest experience anyone could have.

My whole life now is based on getting back there. God knows what we need. He has a plan.
Be open to it.



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