A Near Death Experience, No. 35.

May have had one.

I think I may have had an NDE. Although it doesn't have the normal hallmarks of an NDE. There was no memory of tunnels, or lights etc. But it left an indelible mark on my mind.

One night I awoke with an unusual sensation, that my body had just come back to life. I thought how strange it felt but nothing more. I then dozed off back to sleep. When I awoke the next day I started to remember, something of a dream.

I was driving along in a car, with a person of whom I have a great love for. We were laughing, enjoying each others company, the feeling was like none I have ever known, the joy and happiness and love, made me feel complete. I felt that nothing could ever harm me again. And all the while I was experiencing this complete bliss.

I suddenly remembered that I should be home caring for my children, which seemed so far away. I felt like I had forsaken them, it was then that I woke with the feeling of reanimation. So what ever may have occured on that night, I will treasure the memory of all my life.

Peace be with you.

(This experience may, or may not be a NDE, but it does illustrate the love than one finds when entering the Greater Reality.)


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