A Near Death Experience, No. 283.

Saved from a Car Crash.

(This experience is a little different, but still a near death experience. I remember as a child I was riding in a car when another car ran a stop sign. As the car I was riding in began to slam into the other car I went into a state of dream-like suspension. When the accident was over the other car was upside down, but I was not injured in any way. I was in the passenger front seat with no seat belt.)

I have been struggling with something that I experience about a month ago in August 2007. I was on my way back home from the dentist. I was feeling sleepy for some unknown reason. The road was long and with a lot of scenery.

I kept nodding at first and sat up in my seat. I turned up the gospel music I was listening to and started singing. Without notice I was asleep. I can remember dreaming and realized that Oh! no! I am driving.

As soon as I opened my eyes a van was in front of me. I had to be going about 65 to 70 mph. It looked like the van was going to turn but, it stopped. I immediately said "JESUS." I remember braking and the smell of rubber.

The next thing is a calm came over me and I began to relax. There was a bright light that filled my car and I remember my eyes opening with a feeling of peace. The steering wheel turned right some, then it seemed as if I went through the van and steered back to the right. All this happened without the car shifting to oneside and with only a small space on the right side to pass without flipping or hitting the guard rail.

After I watched all this happening I still was in a realm of peace and quietness in which I did not hear anything, not even the music that was playing. I remember coming to myself and wondered what just happened!



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