A Near Death Experience, No. 284.

My Near Death Vision.

While employed at Kent State University in the heating plant I had started bleeding internally. I threw up blood and was getting weaker by the second. They called for an ambulance to take me to the hospital.

While I laid on the hallway floor I glanced over and seen this young man. He was around thirty eight or so. He had a special quality about him. His smile and neatness. He was wearing a light tan suit, white shirt and tie. His hair was combed back. I had been praying and sensed I would die soon.

He asked me what I believed. There wasn't any audible voice, but I knew what he had asked. I told him I am a Christian and I know what is in the Bible, however, I didn't think remembering Chapters and Verse numbers were important. To just know, to me was most important.

I know the promises and what Jesus Christ means to all of us. He smiled and disappeared. I knew I was going to live after this and while in the hospital, I tell all who wish to listen. Those that know me know I wasn't just telling a tall tale. I no longer fear death.



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