A Near Death Experience, No. 279.

Near Death Experience Poetry.

poem of near death experience

hi there,

i ran into a website giving an account of david bennett's near death experience.

i was struck by how beautiful the story was and found myself transcribing it into poetic lyrics, to honor the beautiful light. below is a partial transcription of his death experience, and complete transcription of theme of "gifts" david received from his experience. hope you enjoy it.

A. Death

sure i was dead, my agony melted away into utter darkness
burning, choking, and suffication have no longer strangled me
my mind once laden with dulling emptiness
is now resting in this sea of utter silence

then, suddenly in the near yonder, i behold a glimmer of bright light
slowing approaching me or maybe it was me approaching him
not in tunnel-like fashion but a glowing orbit
coming into fuller presence with every gliding closeness

my curiosity peaked and my eyes wandered
searching for the true source of this beauteous light
wondering if i had hallucinated it for a seashore beacon
i was nevertheless confirmed upon further investigations

with each advancement
the light envelops me with an overflowing warmth
my body now swathed in this overwhelming love
i tasted the delicacy of a million sensory mixings

slowing morphing into the light
i was becoming a part of him and him of me
in his majestic omnipotence
i had no choice but to surrender in complete willingness

B. Trinity of Gifts


having grown up in the hills of arizona
among the remaining tribes of the natives
i was placed into a family
with a marred cultural heritage and internal strifes

my teen years marked by continous exoduses
from this fractured familial backdrop
ignorant of trinity of "acceptance", "tolerance", and "truth"
i wobbled in distain for myself and others

though tales from my grandma
told morals of natural living
among the souls of buffalos, corn fields, aztecs, and mayans
none resonated with me in any lasting communion

able to spell the words and find their definitions
but unable to marry their spirits
i let these virtues hang like concubine's veil
outside myself like artificial beads and tethers

my dear loving light
in my near death encounter with you
you bathed my every cell in these golden gifts
and awakened me to a paradise known only to gods and goddeses

gift 1. "acceptance"

with "acceptance"
i now know that all earthly events
appear in a heavenly order
perfect in timing and placement

able to accept all ying and yang
i no longer see the log in anyone's eyes
freeing my soul from self-chained shackles
i have broken out of my mummy's wrappings

as an obedient soldier
who steps his marches to commander's whistle
i submit my will
completely to you, my dear light

as an engine with all its insides re-tuned
my whole being is now reoriented toward you
as iron filings toward a magnet
and the great dipper toward the north star

experiencing life in its doses of
good and bad, sickness and health
i have learned to accept myself and others
and love without conditions

gift 2. "tolerance"

with "tolerance"
i see people as individual plants
though varying in stages of development
all germinate from the same soil

at any moment, some may appear as smily budding roses
others as grass whipped by a torrential storm
and even as some are honeysuckles waking up to a morning shine
others are thorny cacti fermenting resilience in an arid dessert

each soul a gardian of its own exotic plant
keeps custody of its own greenhouse
dressing itself in a coat
that's most suitable for nature's wear

with "tolerance"
i no longer feel the need to criticize or to defend
withdrawing personal projections onto others
i allow openness for all to just be

neither refraining myself from charitable deeds
nor obligating myself to carry others' crosses
i know that each soul is contracted to learn his lessons
and thus, i accept all discrepancies as meant-to-be

surrendering to you
i now live a life replete with sweet appreciation
knowing that ultimately
only you, the one and only love, can save all

gift 3. "truth"

prior to receiving this gift
my life was a story of fiction
constructed from a desire to please others
whose views created a hologram of me

now the light has torn apart the fiction
showing me the "truth" of me that is love
the light knows me better than myself
i cry at a knowledge of such profoundness

my body shaken at this remembrance
my mind can only strain to comprehend such a love
this is a truth that cannot be told in words
but only felt through the trembling of the flesh

a winding path is my physical self
that traverses through existence with turns and bends
realizing the impermanence in all material events
i let myself evolve to suit moments' contemplations

like a chiselled diamond
my travels are but different faces of the same core stone
extending this interpretation to all around me
i ask if not everything is just a chiselled face

hence, seeing myself in so many others, and others in myself
i pay homage to each as i would to myself
remembering the words of the master
i feel the holy spirit showering me with perfect confirmation

with the "truth" of love, i am now reborned
like eragon riding on his mythical dragon
i fly through life with deep serenity
to survey landscape transformed by this amazing revelation

where there was parched deserts
i now see oases
lined with lush trees
and animals drinking from emerald pools

where there was burnt forests
crying in hunger for amazon rain storms
i now see carpets of canopy
sheltering a million species

my senses renewed each morning from sweet dreams
my spirit soars in leaps and bounds
i collect beauties from the past
and concentrate on every present moment


my beloved light
having received the trinity of gifts
i can only kneel at your feet and beseech your guidance
yielding my will to all your desired possibilities

my soul wanders to the tune of you
it drifts and sweeps
leading me where you wish to be with it
oh, how i've been to places unknown to the wildest imagination

unfettered by earthly accoutrement
i am a hollow bone for your spirit
wonderously escatic, i'm awe-stricken that all mysteries of creation
can be condensed in a body small as mine

my spirit longing to be with you
like ether, it floats outside my skin and pores
to bleed into you
and romance a love that transcends all time and spaces

thank you, my sweet light
for all the gold, incense, and myrrh
please visit me often, even in my confined physical self
and let's relive our speechless love

my only wish is to die a consummated death
so i may be metamorphed into the thin air
to enter into you, with no veil between us
for eternity and more

Kathy Sun


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