A Near Death Experience, No. 278.

After Death Communication.

I just want to thank you for this wonderful site! I am enjoying, very much, reading all of the NDE's. This site is helping me with the passing of my Mother. It has brought much hope to me. I am religious, but nontheless, it has been bringing me comfort.

My Mother and I were EXTREMELY close. I am an only child. Much happened the weeks following my Mother's passing. The evening of the day she died, I was going to make phone calls to family and friends. I could not make them, because none of them would go through. No matter what phone I tried, (cell, too) they were all static. I'd even get some recordings of how the area in which these calls were being made was being worked on. These calls were to different cities and states. And my one friend assured me that her phone had been in good working order while I was trying to get her. Also, my clothes dryer kept "beeping" loudly, even though it was not on. It was plugged in, but not turned on.

This went on for about 3 weeks. Two light bulbs went out when I turned on the lights upon getting home that evening. Before going to bed that night, I went to the Bible. The page I turned to said "daughter" on the top where there is something written on the top of each page. If you know what I mean.

I also went to the computer and wrote a letter to my Mom. I asked her that if she could somehow contact me through the computer, or whatever, would she please. The next day on the computer (I receive a "Word of the Day" each day, and its meaning) was the word "copasetic". The odd thing about that is not only the meaning of that word, but it was a word that could have been called "our word", if you will. You see, when I was about 12 we had a toy fox terrier. She was very yappy. My Mom would always say, "it's alright Candy, (her name) everything is copasetic. At that age, I asked my Mom what that word meant. She told me, and ever since then she and I would kind of "joke" about that word at least once or twice a year; maybe more. It was kind of our word. And whenever things would get a little hairy, one of us would always kind of laugh and say "oh, everything is copasetic".

Another thing that happened.

Our subdivision always has a yearly garage sale. I am always a part of it. My Mom would always join me because she'd always have something to sell, and she and I just found it a lot of fun to do it together. About two months before we were to have it, I reminded my Mom and made her "promise" to attend. I did this in a joking manner, because ever since I was a small child, my Mother's promises were like gold. If she promised, it was so. So, like I said, I kiddingly said, do you PROMISE? She, of course, kiddingly said, I PROMISE.

Well, my Mother passed away about six weeks before the garage sale. I did have it, because my Father had things to try to sell; especially since he was going to move in with my husband and I soon. It was very hard to have it that year, but like I said, my Dad tried to sell a number of things.

The evening before the sale, I set things up in my garage. I then went outside near some shrubs. As I was going back into the garage, I noticed a young bird in one of the shrubs. Being a nature lover, I smiled at it and said something to it. That bird very shortly came into the garage. It wouldn't leave! I even kind of coaxed it to leave. Then I even left the garage door open about 12 inches for the night, thinking that it might fly out. The next morning it was still in my garage! My sale began and it was sitting up high on a cabinet we have, chirping. Many people who came in to the garage even commented, do you have a bird in here? I would point to the bird and say, he won't leave, he's been in here all night! They would just look at him and laugh a little. It puzzled everyone. After the sale was over, that bird left. I truly believe that my Mother was trying to tell me that she WAS there with me; that she kept her promise.

There were other things that happened, but not sure if I should go on anymore. Just thought you might be interested. I also heard my Mother's voice call out my name very early in the morning once, about 2 weeks after she passed. I know I really heard it, because I was awake, and it made me open my eyes immediately.

Again, many thanks for your site,

Susan Taylor


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