A Near Death Experience, No. 273.

Watches don't Work.

Just read your article on watches. I had no idea why watches have never worked for me, light bulbs burn out, street lights outside when I was a kid would go out as I walked by, as a young adult our older car gave me all the same problems you listed, my new car is great but the clock goes off and on.

So I did a search last year on "watches not working when I wear it" and read some stuff about NDEs. When I was a baby I almost died when I swallowed a jingle bell from a mobile in my crib. My brother heard me stop breathing, turned me over, and with a few swift moves got the bell out.

So who knows maybe it was a NDE for me, but since I was only a baby don't recall a light, dark or anything. So to see others have the same thing going on it is interesting. I haven't worn a watch in 10 years because they never last. I just got one this month because I liked the way it looked. My husband gave it 10 days for it to last, I gave it an optimistic 6 months, and my daughter gave it a day.

One week later it started acting up, this morning it was a few minutes off when I put it on, so I set it, then checked it a bit later only to find the second hand running, when I asked what time it was I was shocked to find out 2 hours had gone by, my watch only worked for 10 minutes before it died this morning, but really the strange this time was the second hand moving.

So I took it off and it started to work. I'm going to try to switch the battery. I read somewhere that putting a round bandaid on the back of the watch helps. So I'll try that also. Thanks for shedding some light on this and it is interesting we have so many things in common. P.


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