A Near Death Experience, No. 264.

Two Spiritual Experiences.

My experience was not a NDE, but it was definately spiritual.

I've always been a worrier, on the day this experienced happened I had just reached a breaking point. I had been through extreme situations, dealing with negative people, and other things that sent me into deep depression, nothing ever seemed to work out for me in life. I wondered why I was still alive, I felt like I had nothing good to contribute to humanity, so I thought,"WHY AM I STILL HERE."

I thought I was useless, but what's weird is through all of these terribly difficult times, I've sensed a presence always near me, telling me all is well, and all will be ok. I felt that presence, and that gentle assurance some how would get me through.

Accept on the day of my divine experience, something had happened to me that sent me into a deep depressive mood. I began to cry so hard, I felt a pain that rose up inside me so strongly that it overwhelmed me, dark, hurtful thoughts rushed into my mind. The thoughts became sounds, the sounds grew so loud that I thought my mind was going to blow, my mind was racing, and my heart was pounding. I just knew my sanity with going to escape me.

When I got to the point that I couldn't take it anymore, I screamed out to God. "God," I shouted, "if this burden of pain is meant for me, let it be, but if not, please dear Lord take it from me." In an instant a huge Being was standing before me, wow! and what beauty. It glowed extremely bright. He wore a long white gown, his hair, and face were a different color of light, yet all of him glowed brighter than the sun, but the light seemed to be gentle on my eyes. He stood about 7 feet tall, he could have been a little taller, not sure. He didn't speak, but I saw his huge hand stretching out toward me with his palm facing me. He touched my forehead, in the area of my third eye, in that moment all of my pain began to subside all the way down until it was no more, and just as quickly as he had appeared, he vanished. I was left with such a peaceful, and restful feeling, as if years of weight had melted away. -- C.

My son died from suicide on July 9, 2001. And a few weeks after he died I was just about knocking my head against the wall from pain. I couldn't handle the fact that he was dead and it was killing me. I didn't think I would make it. I prayed one day, all day, crying and begging God to show me where my son was.

I had a dream that night and in the dream my son came to me. I asked him if he was in Heaven and he said, "no, not yet," that they were teaching him things, but that he would be there when he was done learning. The dream seemed so real. And I wonder if you think this could have really been my son coming to me. -- L.

(Yes, I believe the dream was real. It is called a lucid dream. I like to include spiritual experiences among the near death experiences to illustrate similarity. These experiences illustrate, "ask and you shall receive".)


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