A Near Death Experience, No. 262.

I was Shot in the Head.

I have not really talked about it much since it happend, but about five years ago I got shot in the head and died. I seen things that I can't explain, things I always sat at home and thought would never happen to me.

After being shot in the head, I was left for dead. I can still today count how many times I ever asked the Lord for anything, and that was one of those times. I asked not to be taken from my family, my wife and kids. I was able to drive about three miles for help and while I was laying beside my truck in a pool of blood I had someone to help me, I think an angel. When the ambulance arrived one of the medics said my head was being held up in a manner he didn't understand. As I watched them put me in the ambulance, I heard a voice that sounded like no man or woman and had a taste in my mouth that was sweeter than sweet.

Telling this story sounds so silly, but that's what I always thought about all of the shows I used to watch about others being shot. I just thought it would never happen to me.

One other thing I'm wondering about, it might be wrong, I'm happy to be alive today, but when I think back to that day I'm more mad at the doctor who saved me than the guy who shot me.

Doesn't make any sense does it. Please write back if possible.


(It does make sense to a near death experiencer, and he was emailed back.)


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