A Near Death Experience, No. 261.

My Out of Body Experiences.

One morning, while sleeping, I had an OBE.

The first thing I remember is quiet blackness, floating gently and contentedly, studying the blackness. I was very relaxed, content, and unconcerned. My next recollection is slowly floating into the light, face-first, smiling.

As I put my face into the light, the air suctioned out of my ears (as if the inside were vacuum sealed). Next, I recall four medium-sharp thud sounds (like someone slowly and gently tapping on a microphone. I think this was the sound of my movement into the light-sphere.)

It's unclear now, but initially, I don't think I was alone. What I mean is, sometimes when I think back, I get the distinct impression, there were two other people waiting with me.

I languished on the "floor" content and very unconcerned. It was sooo quiet in there. I sat on the floor, thinking, "This is the quietest quiet I've ever heard!" After a while, "I can't stand this quiet!" I covered my ears. It was deafening! Also, I remember thinking, "Not even the bottom of the ocean is as quiet as this."

The Light Came.

The next thing I remember is "talking" with a really "wise person." Never did I think to call this person Jesus, only a very wise person. (I am religious.) I don't know when he appeared or how.

All I remember is that he was there, and seemed to be sitting on a chair in front of me, to my left. He was Light. I got to ask him all of the questions I've ever wanted to know. Our conversation was telepathic. Many times before I would finish the question, the answer would come. The questions and the answers were rapid-fire! With every answer, I'd just jump up and down with joy, and say, "I should have known that! That was so simple!" I was sooo excited! I was passed ecstatic, happier than I've ever been. I felt so loved, so accepted, and kept saying to myself as I jumped up and down for joy, "He doesn't think I'm silly." (Somehow that really mattered to me.) He seemed to just accept me and love me. I felt him smiling and being happy with me, and not laughing at me.

Just to regress for a moment...when I first got in the light ball, the color was a harsh white/white. When the wise man "came", the ball of light changed from stark white to a misty whitish/gold. It was tangible, as if it were alive, as if you could touch it, and feel it, like it had texture. It almost looked like sheer cotton candy floating around. It didn't occur to me to check myself out -- look myself over. I don't know if I was light or not.

Of all the many questions and answers, I only remember one question and one answer. I asked, "What about those who die?" That's when I heard a loud buzzing sound in my right ear. I strained desperately to hear the answer. The buzzing got louder and louder. I heard him say, [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ] "Be thankful for the lessons brought and taught." I woke up and immediately wrote the question and answer down.

After this experience, I felt a genuine LOVE for every single person I saw. To say it like that, just doesn't express the magnitude of the love experience, words just aren't adequate. The entire Light experience was amazing and joyful (minus the quiet :-) ). I wish I could get back to that Light.

Here's another OBE I had:

One night I "dreamed" I met my mother-in-law, Mamie. Mamie had passed-over a couple of months previous. She and I were very close. My husband and I had a terrible argument just a couple of nights before this "dream" experience.

In the dream, Mamie and I met in a gray place. There were thousands of people, just milling around, seemed like they were walking clockwise around in this big circle. I was sooo happy to see her, we hugged, I held her arm tight, as tight as I could. I surely wasn't going to let her get away from me and get lost in that big crowd.

I remember whispering - it was her request that I whisper. My first question was, "What's it like?" In asking her that question, she knew exactly what I meant, "What's it like being dead?" (Our conversation was telepathic). She said, "It's like school. We're like an army." I knew exactly what she meant. She was saying it was hard, very challenging. Then I asked her, "How long can you stay?" For some reason, in my mind I just knew she was going to say, seven-days; however, she said, "three-days." I was stunned! After that I don't know what happened.

Somehow she got away from me, and I found myself in a terrific argument with some woman. Just as things were really getting heated, I looked across the circle and looked directly into Mamie's eyes. Out of all those thousands of people walking around in the circle, our eyes connected, she said very gently (telepathically), "Don't act like that." I immediately came down to her wave-length - our minds were connected. I then remembered how very, very peaceful and calm Mamie had been when we were together earlier.



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