A Near Death Experience, No. 231.

Simultaneous Experience.

Hello all, I'm new to this post and would like to know what happened while others were seeing their NDE.

Mine was intense, I didn't just see one thing, or story, or vision, I saw many things, that all went on, all at the same time.

My explanation is best said it happened like watching a movie store of videos in my head all at the same time. Problem was it wasn't just watching, it was interacting as well, eg. fighting, talking, helping other people, killing, etc. etc.

What I would like to know is if anyone else has had a NDE with the visions all jammed into one, I don't want to know about single visions please. I would like to elaborate with what people have to say, as my NDE has been a pain in the butt to live with.

Thanks, B.

(This is a rare one. Metaphysical travelers, sooner or later, run across the knowledge that events happen simultaneously in the spirit world. I have seen this personally only once. It is very difficult for physical persons, living in a linear world, to understand. How this person came to have this experience is unknown. But the experience is real and valid. Best to seek a support group of metaphysical people, and talk about it with them.)


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