A Near Death Experience, No. 226.

Understanding NDEs.

I know that thing about feeling different so well. I have been married for 29 years and my wife is only just now acknowledging my NDEs. For the most part she has taken the position of "How do you know it was not Satan" and "So you belong to a special club". She recently told me that she understands what a huge impact my NDEs have had on me. I told her that there is no way she can "understand" something like an NDE...I can barely comprehend them myself.

Yes, I have had two NDEs. My first was a schoolyard accident when I was 10 years old and the second was a drug overdose when I was 16 years old. The second one was by far the most profound. In my second, God took me on a "tour" of the universe -- the whole time explaining how everything works together and showing me how powerful we really are as human beings. It turns out that we create and shape every little thing about our lives. I even understood how the "bad stuff" takes shape and the profound meaning behind our every action.

Then God told me "Now I want to show you who you really are" and allowed me to become one with Him. He took me and folded his being around me and I became One with God...yet I was still Ray, with the same sense of humor and the same hang ups I have always had. God let His Love permeate my being and I was finally Home. I cannot describe this at all...it was so huge and meaningful. What we call Love is so small next to what God calls Love.

Another thing....He told me that I must go back, that it was not my time yet. But He told me that I could return anytime I wanted.

Now, what in the world does that mean?

So when the Bible tells us that we are made in God's image I understand...we are like "Little Gods" and far, far more powerful than we know.

Your Obedient Servant, R.K.


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