A Near Death Experience, No. 227.

I believe that I had a NDE.

I remember waking in the morning, I said "good morning" to my friend, the next thing I remember I was in an ambulance laying down, my eyes were closed, and I saw two other people.

As all this was happening I was above my body floating, I had no feelings for myself, sad, happy, etc. I was just there.

The next thing I remember, I was on the lawn outside of the hospital, the grass was perfect and greener than I have ever seen, my grandmother was standing before me smiling, everywhere around her was white, not a light, just bright white. She was smiling and held out her hands, I went to her she took my hands and told me that I had more to accomplish in my life that I was not yet done with my time, she said goodbye. Then it was like everything went into reverse, and that is when I awoke.

I was later told that I had a major seizure. I don't know if I died, or what, but this is what I remember about the whole thing.

Anymore, I am not afraid of death, because something great exists beyond this life. I know this for a fact.



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