A Near Death Experience, No. 20.

Life After Life


I recently had repressed memories of my own childhood NDE come to the surface of my mind. It is remarkable what I can remember of it. There are some details lost in a fog.

It is so great to see others who have had a simular experience. It has not been easy for me to talk to anyone about it. (I feel so overwhelmed with it all at times -- I just want to shout it out to the world) I have only told one friend and a Doctor.

The Doctor sent me to a pyschiatrist and my friend felt intimidated by it. I am not in a big hurry to tell anyone else about it.

There is so much I remember and some of it makes me laugh out loud.

I received a major trauma to my body when I was in diapers. No one has ever known about it -- (except a Doctor who found the scars on my internal organs in 1988.) Spiritual Beings healed the body with Light. I was outside of my body as the healing was being done. I have a very vivid memory of this.

The funny part is -- when I came back into the body -- I still acted and felt like I did when I was outside. I mean to say -- I knew I was a spirit in a physical body.

I still could move around like I did when I was outside of the body. I called it "zooming" when I got older. I would think of a place I wanted to be (like the candy store) and I would be there in a flash.

My parents used to wonder how I could disappear in a blink of the eye and end up a mile away before they could drive the car there.

There were a few times when I was caught doing this. It would scare people when they saw me do it. (It defied their mental logic.) I was eventually told not to do the "zooming" anymore -- by the ones who had healed the body because of the intimidation it caused others to experience. (fear.) People's minds where not prepared to see a flying baby.

In later years, I had an Aunt who always reminded me of the time she "thought" she saw me flying. (I eventually forgot all about the NDE, the zooming, and the Ones who had healed my physical body.) She has passed on since I have recalled the events. I would of loved to shared the memory with her.

Great Board. I am glad I found it surfing for NDE sights. Peace -- Joy -- and Harmony 2 U!

Sincerely, D.K.


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