A Near Death Experience, No. 21.

Was this a near death experience?

Hi All,

I have never been interested in NDEs, but something happened last night that has really got me confussed and a little scared.

My experience was drug induced, but I don't think it was a simple hallucination. Several days ago I started taking Zyban to help me quit smoking and without thinking about what might happen I ate a marijuana brownie and drank three beers.

To make a long story short, I got really high. My whole body went numb. I could still move but I could not feel anything. I felt myself slowly moving out of body until my perspective was several feet behind and above my head. I began to feel like I was falling. A black dot formed in my vision and slowly became larger until it formed a spinning tunnel. The tunnel was solid black and cold with deep purple luminescence streaks in the walls.

As the tunnel came closer, reality was pushed aside, and I was no longer in my apartement. I heard a noise that sounded like the blades on a helicopter starting to turn up. The noise became louder and the beat much faster as I entered the tunnel. The tunnel was twisting and turning and I was falling through it incredibly fast. When I saw that I was approaching a light at the end I "realized" that I was going to die. I began to pray, begging God not to send me to hell and fighting not to fall into the light. I eventually came back to the room and my position several feet above and behind my body.

I realized that I was not breathing, and my heart had stopped. With every bit of strength I had I forced my body to take a breath. This scene repeated itself over and over last night. I would fade out of the world, approach the tunnel, sometimes fall in, fight my way back to this reality and force myself to take another breath.

Most people will think I'm just some druggy who had a bad trip. I think I almost died many times last night. Today is a new beginning for me. A new gift of life from God. I will attempt to respect His gift.

If anybody has some thoughts on my experience I would greatly appreciate your comments.

If I would have allowed myself to enter the light would I still be here today?

Sorry about all the spelling errors, this happened less than 12 hours ago and I'm a little shook up.


(The spelling errors have been corrected. In my opinion, this is a NDE. The experience is very interesting, and left its impact on the experiencer.)


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